Gesein is a 21-years company that offers high-quality services and with a strong commitment to our customers. We have the best partners and we are partners of the best companies. Currently we are in a growing process of services and markets, please contact with us for more information.‬‬

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Gesein has more than 200 professional people with the commitment of offering you the best service.

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Microsoft. SEI, Oracle...

We are partner or have strong relationships with big and important companies.

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We believe in Quality

Gesein is certified in ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001, it is accredited in CMMI for Development and Services (ML3) and more than 20 ITIL certified professionals.

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Public Administration

Gesein is working at Public Administrations more than 20 years, delivering a high quality and strong commitment service, we have offered services in national and in regional context and always working with the clear idea: matching the customer needs and working hard for getting their satisfaction. We are proud of our services and we are working in continuous improvement of QoS (Quality of Service).

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Project Management Office (PMO), is a process oriented service, which Gesein has long experience.

Customized Solutions and Deployment of third-parties solutions. We are partners of big and important software providers

In Gesein we offer from Quality Services (most part of ISO important standards and CMMI), Information Security for your organization (via ISO 27001:2013).

In Gesein we offer, we and our strategic associates: CMMI training, metrics, COBIT and ITIL and in more knowledge areas.


Meet some of our successful cases, do not hesitate and contact with us and we will look media for receiving your needs and offering a solution.

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August 2016

Dear partners,
We want to announce with satisfaction, that before summer Gesein S.L. It has been confirmed to be prepared for Maturity Level 3 in the model of excellence of good practices CMMI for Development and CMMI for Services (trademark of Carnegie Mellon University Mark), himself and has subsequently been certified our company with counterparts in ISO standards: ISO 20000-1 and ISO 12207 level 3 defined by AENOR and both certified by OcaCert (certificates 34/5702/16/0712 and 34/5702/16/0713). Which add to those we already have in ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In our commitment to quality and continuous improvement of our processes, we thank our staff, our customers and our suppliers to maintain their belief that Gesein We work to improve our processes and strive for excellence in all our services and software development. Gesein is CMMI Institute Partner and provides consulting services in ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001 and ISO 15504/12207 and other standards and models, and our staff is certified in ITIL, in Gesein we believe that we can not help or require it that do not fulfill ourselves and therefore we always be the first example to those companies we help on this path of improvement.
For more information:gesein@gesein.com

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Date: 31th of december of 2014

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“Welcome to our new webpage and corporate image, we want to situate to Gesein to appropriate communication level as demanded.

Santiago Aranda

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“Gesein is currently a reference CMMI Institute Partner from Spain, we offer SCAMPI method appraisals from Maturity Level 2 to 5 and we offer the Official Course of Introduction, in both cases for three models (CMMI-SVC, CMMI-DEV and CMMI-ACQ).

Cesar Pablo Gutiérrez


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